• What We Do

    Producing Property and Leasehold Due Diligence

    Tight timelines are a natural part of the producing property process. The officers of Colt have performed Due Diligence on over 50 producing property acquisitions totaling over $500 million dollars and has, at a minimum, covered its cost in defect identification.

    ROW Acquisition

    Colt can assist in getting your production to market with its team of ROW associates.

    Seismic Permitting

    Let Colt help you with your mineral and leasehold permits for your 2-D, 3-D, 4-D seismic shoot.


    Using state of the art Arc GIS 10, Colt integrates leasing and title data to create accurate, up-to-the-minute maps and plats. Highly trained GIS technicians can create any type of map for leasing, development, permitting, ROW acquisition, seismic shoots, producing property acquisitions, unitizing, title status and/or curative purposes depending on the client’s needs.

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